Whereas a situation in which an employee anticipates a return in workplace after an absence or long-term invalidity, BCH CONSULTANTS are capable of offering you a program of accompaniment.


  • Open-minded of the employee
  • Employee’s motivation;
  • Volunteerism of employee facing program;
  • Endorsement by the organization’s management of the evolution process generated by the program.


Following the evaluation of a given situation that led to an interruption of work, both on a personal and professional level, the professional with the program will identify the various stressors that hinder the return to work.

As a result, not only obstacles will be highlighted but also levers that will promote a successful process. This will be done through individual meetings and/or consultation with the key players concerned.


  • Meeting(s) with employee;
  • Meeting(s) with the immediate supervisor or management concerned;
  • Meeting(s) with the health unit;
  • Meeting(s) with the team;
  • Follow-up before the return of an employee.

Each and/or all of these methods can be used according to the specifics of each situation.