This service is available if ever you have doubts or questions about a situation that could have legal repercussions for your company; we, in partnership with specialized professionals in the field, can guide you in your action plan.

Example of legal advice

  • Employers’ vs employees’ legal responsibilities;
  •  Evaluation of policies (harassment and/or drugs and alcohol)
  • Disagreements between associates;
  • Closure of the entreprise;
  • Etc.

Exception regarding certain requests

In the event that Management of BCH CONSULTANTS deems that a situation could give rise to a conflict of interests concerning a previous intervention, a person has personal knowledge of people concerned in a conflictual situation or if ever a major situation may cause prejudice to one of the parties involved, we reserve the right to refuse certain requests.  However, it will be our responsibility to find an external reference, in accordance with the manager's expectations.