Our mission : Make a difference

BCH Consultants has been known for more than 30 years and has been able over the years to successfully innovate in spite of all the changes brought about by psychological developments and any related prejudice.

BCH CONSULTANTS has been offering high quality intervention plans and is highly known for its reliable assistance program and psychological support to enterprises and employees, whether for personal or business reasons. Our business partners have chosen and have highly recommended BCH Consultants for its human approach, its high quality services oriented on the wellness of people as well as for its expertise in organizational support to management. You can always count on our professionalism and strict confidentiality.

Individual services

Most of us are able to handle difficult situations well. However, there may come a time when unforeseen events in your life require a psychological assistance which neither your immediate family nor others can bring to you. Consulting is then necessary.

BCH Consultants offers high-quality services and is available at all times to assist you in tackling personal, family, or professional difficulties.


Psychological problems

Mourning, depression, poor self-esteem, anxiety, trauma...

Family problems

Relationship problems between parents, children and adolescents, problems at school, Behaviour disorders, unhealthy family dynamics...

Problems in your relationships

Separation, Poor communication, self-questioning, sexuality...

Problems related to work

Professional exhaustion, conflicts in relationships, work-family balance...

Substance dependence and other

Alcohol, drugs, gabling, sexuality...

Financial or legal problems

Debts, bankruptcy, separation, divorce, succession...

Organizational services

Our credibility is established on the quality of our professional services offered by our team of consultants, but also on the investments we are putting into building programs with our organizational clients. These programs are well-committed to their mission and culture as well has the specific context in which they evolve.  We are recognized by our organizational-clients to develop with them and for them services that take into account, above all, their specificities.  We are also recognized for our commitment for developing with the people concerned a climate of exchange, trust and mutual respect that enhances the efficiency of the services provided.

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