Why benefit from your EAP - Employee Assistance Program at BCH consultants

Do you feel overwhelmed by certain events ?
Are you concerned with certain aspects in your life or are you at issue with family members or others ?
Do you need to take a step back in your life ?
Do you feel the need for guidance and assistance in your decision-making ?

Because we are all likely to experience psychological hardships that require a professional assistance; Your EAP - Employee Assistance Program is simple, rapid, confidential and free of charge.

Your EAP - Employee Assistance Program is a 24/7 service, offered by your employer in order that you may have a priority access to professional assistance consultations.  Call now.

Emergency line 24/7
1 800-525-0997


Your file is taken care of

Within 24 to 48 business hours following your call, you will be taken care of.  We will supply all the specificities of your EAP such as:  number of hours available, renewal dates, and any information which may be necessary to better optimize the program.

You will be referred to a professional within 0 to 7 working days. 

Your EAP – Employee Assistance Program – does not allow you to choose the discipline of a professional or of a particular person.  Your preference can only be applied according to the motives for consulting or to the expertise of a said professional. The (EAP) Employee Assistance Program affiliated to BCH Consultants is comprised of more than 600 different professional experts making it possible to offer high quality and personalized services as well as psychological support adapted to the client’s particular needs.

Professionals acting on behalf of BCH Consultants must be members of a Professional Order or of a Corporation and must be covered by Professional Liability Insurance.  They have been selected according to their experience and expertise acquired through the years. They can always count on Management support whenever necessary.

Professional discipline

You may choose through one of three types of intervention: in person; by videoconference or by telephone (whichever method that corresponds best to your needs).

  • Psychologists
  • Psychotherapists
  • Social workers
  • Sexologists
  • Psycho-educators
  • Criminologists
  • Guidance counsellors
  • Lawyers
  • Notaries
  • Financial advisors
  • Sports health professionnals (psychological)
  • Kinesiologists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Nutritionists and dietitians

The most frequent motives for consulting

Consulting a psychological professional these days is common, as demonstrated by the thousands of people who have benefited from our services for the last 30 years, always in a friendly, humane and professional atmosphere.  

Time doesn’t always heal.  Do not hesitate any longer.


Psychological problems

Mourning, depression, poor self-esteem, anxiety, trauma...

Family problems

Relationship problems between parents, children and adolescents, problems at school, Behaviour disorders, unhealthy family dynamics...

Problems in your relationships

Separation, Poor communication, self-questioning, sexuality...

Problems related to work

Professional exhaustion, conflicts in relationships, work-family balance...

Substance dependence and other

Alcohol, drugs, gambling, sexuality...

Financial or legal problems

Debts, bankruptcy, separation, divorce, succession...