The purpose of implementing an organizational diagnosis is to have an overall picture of your organization at several levels: labour relations - your corporate structure - effectiveness of your management - satisfaction of your employees and their mobilization, etc.


  • To improve cooperation and functioning and thus promote increased individual and team performance;
  • Promote the development of a healthy work climate; if necessary, resolve conflicts and irritants.


  • Clarifying the mandate;
  •  Identification of issues justifying the need of such a program;
  • Identification of objectives established;
  • Identification of solutions already put in place;
  • Details of operational timetable.


  • Meeting(s) with Human Resources;
  • Meeting(s) with relevant department;
  • Meeting(s) with Managers involved;
  • Meeting(s) with teams;
  • Meeting(s) with employees;
  • Consolidation of activities;
  • Training workshops (Ex.: communication, managing conflicts.

Each and/or all of the above methods may be used according to the specifics of each of these situations.