In the event of a conflictual and on-going situation within a work team between two parties (such as employees – labour – management) in which an external and professional advice is needed, BCH CONSULTANTS is up to the task of supporting you.


Systemic problem assessment

  • Identification of individuals concerned;
  • Identification of issues;
  • Identification of solutions already put in place;
  • Identification of goals to be met;
  • Identification of timeframes;
  • Mobilization of those concerned and involved in this process following the presentation of the Organization's expectations;
  • Interventions directly related to the key elements of the evaluation and in line with the objectives of the evaluation.


  • Individual meetings with the people concerned;
  • Meeting(s) in dyade.
  • Meeting(s) with the people concerned and Management;
  • Meeting(s) in sub-groups and/or teams.

Each or all of these means can be used depending on the specific of each of these situations.